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General Discussion

Anyone have advice for me?

  • By xReaper666x

    I have IBS-D, I’ve had it since 7th grade, so around age 13. I’m in my late 20s. My brother has it and from what my mom tells me dad used to have something like it. To get through junior high, high school, and college my brother and I wouldn’t eat the night before we had to go to school, that’s sometimes 4-5 nights, unless we could eat early enough that we could get it out of our system. Even now I only eat dinner, no breakfast or lunch because I know it will make me sick, and yet I’m still overweight. My stomach really acts up when I have to wake up early, that’s a pattern I’ve noticed that really bothers me. Almost everything I eat makes me sick, literally every single day. It’s humiliating. I can’t go out anywhere cause I know I’ll get sick, I can’t go on trips with friends cause if I eat I’m screwed, so any advice would be great. Also, lately I’ve been getting very nauseous in the mornings if I don’t eat which makes me sick when I do, so it’s a lose-lose situation, and no I’m not sick. I couldn’t even think about dating with this going on. I live near amish territory and I know buying food from them doesn’t bother me as bad, I’m assuming because it’s not pumped full of preservativesand things, but I’m not sure. I’m also lactose intolerant if that helps. My doctors tell me there is no real treatment and pills you see advertised basically suck, and no I can’t change doctors cause I live in a very small town and he’s pretty much the only one. Any advice on how to control it? Sorry if this is so long or sounds whiny.

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    This is really tough, @xreaper666x. I can hear how frustrating this is and you do not need to apologize! Treatment options for IBS can be hit or miss, and vary from one person to the other. Many folks in the community turn to diet adjustment as the first order of business. A popular diet plan within the IBS community, and one that has provided relief for many, is the low FODMAP diet. We have great information about that here: &

    If you’re able to, working with a dietitian that specialized in IBS can be a great option to help you work through diet planning. There are many out there that offer online consultations (since you mention you live in a small town). I hope this information helps. Please keep us updated! – Chris, Team