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55 years old

  • By Wallace123

    I was diagnosed with IBS four years ago. I was wondering if anybody experience after eating cold or feeling very hot of a sudden. I seem to not get anywhere with the doctors about feeling this way.

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  • By Becky Oleson Moderator

    Hi there, Wallace123. This is such a great topic. Thanks for bringing it up! I know that I’ve definitely experienced both the hot flashes and the cold, clammy feeling after eating foods that trigger my IBS symptoms. It feels like a sudden rush of the flu, doesn’t it? Out of curiosity, what have your doctors told you about this? We know that nausea is a common symptom of IBS, which explains some of it, but I’d love to learn more if you’re willing to share what you’ve learned. Hang in there….I try to tell myself “this is temporary” when I’m having the worst flare-ups. I hope this helps. Becky, team member

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  • By jaeger91

    Hi, Wallace123. Yes, I have experienced feeling hot and sweaty and even the chills during my IBS attacks. A GI at Mayo told me that’s a vagus nerve response. So is nausea, if you experience that symptom. Feeling hot or cold is often my first warning sign that I am about to have a problem and need to get to a bathroom.

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  • By Susieoo9fl

    Thank you so much. I experience the problems you have. Sometimes it even begins in my esophagus and travels on down. One rx i took the insurance company does not cover. Haven’t found a rx or good answer for this

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