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2 antispasmodics at same time?

  • By mystomachiskillingme

    Is it normal to be put on 2 different antispasmodic meds at the same time? I’ve been on Mebeverine for about a month and I don’t feel any benefit so I say my GP today and told him the constant pain isn’t easing at all, so he’s put me on Alverine too! He told me to keep taking the Mebeverine as well? I just hope they work, I’m so pissed off and worn down by the constant pain 😟 paracetamol don’t help either.

  • By Chris Hall Keymaster

    I think I can tell by your username that you’re pissed off and worn down by pain, @mystomachiskillingme! I’m unfamiliar with the medications you mention; they seem to be UK-based? Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide any medical advice via the internet (for your safety), but we do have some information on antispasmodic meds here: Were you able to bring this question up to your doctor? Take care! – Chris, Team