My IBS Journey

When I was 13 Years old, I had an Upper GI and that’s when they noted my hypermotility. I was diagnosed with having a spastic stomach and colon.

After the removal of my gallbladder in 1991, that’s when the loose or looser bowels began. The stomach cramps, pain, bloating, etc., has worsened over the years.

I’ve stopped drinking regular 2% milk, and started on Lactose free milk, but the stomach aches continued. Over the years, the nausea has intensified. I’m so sick of this! I’m at wits end! I am on Bentyl as needed. I also have GERD, and I had to get off of the Dexilant because it was causing me to have more frequent IBS issues. I’m now taking Zantac, but it seems like it’s not enough coverage. Yesterday (6/20/18) I had an endoscopy, and was told I have Gastritis too. Oh joy! NOT! I came across this group while scanning the FB, and hoped I might have discovered somebody here who understands. I’m so tired of not being understood. I’m so tired of complaining about how much my stomach hurts. I’m so tired of holding everyone else back, keeping them awake at night while I suffer with the symptoms over and over and over again. Would appreciate some support. Thanks.

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