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Managing IBS: Tori’s Story

I am soon to be 30 years old and have experienced gastrointestinal complications since I was a young child. At first, it just consisted of constipation and I began taking fiber supplements, as recommended by my pediatrician, for several years without much resolve.

My teenage years only seemed to complicated my irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Once I started my menstrual cycle, I began experiencing worsening symptoms, such as bloating, cramping after eating, and diarrhea. My OB/GYN prescribed birth control, as well as mild anti-inflammatories to no avail. Of course now, after working in a primary care setting for many years, I understand why the anti-inflammatories were ineffective and possibly made my gastrointestinal matters worse!

Throughout the next several years, I learned to cope with the persistent diarrhea and constipation patterns without medication. It became an unfortunate norm that I simply shouldn’t have ignored. It wasn’t until I had my second child, at 22 years old, that my symptoms became nearly impossible to bear. Nearly everything I ingested upset my stomach, particularly red meat and leafy greens. I experienced numerous cases of diverticulitis, therefore I began seeing a gastroenterology specialist.

My gastroenterologist prescribed a medication to take as needed for my IBS-C, and strongly suggested that I begin the low-FODMAP diet to control my IBS-D and bloating symptoms. She explained that foods lower in FODMAPs are easily and more rapidly digested in the intestinal tract, which gives bacteria less time to grow. Makes sense, right? I consulted with a dietitian, who was able to explain FODMAP foods in further depth and designed a plan for me to follow. It has greatly changed the way I feel, and most importantly has controlled my irritable bowel syndrome. Lifestyle change for the win!

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  • Chris Hall moderator
    1 year ago

    It’s great to hear success stories like this, Tori! You’ve dealt with numerous symptoms for a really long time, so I’m sure it was such a relief to find something that worked for getting your IBS under control. Would you say that working in the healthcare field helped you track down the specialists you’ve been seeing? I know many community members here have difficulties with their doctors’ understanding of IBS. Thank you so much for telling us about your journey! – Chris, Team Member

  • Tori Whitney moderator author
    1 year ago


    I would say my experience in the healthcare field has definitely helped me find an answer. I did not realize how common IBS was until I started working in a primary-care setting, and how important it is to get answers and treatment with the proper specialists!

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