How I Deal With It

Hey everyone! I’m 18 years old and I’ve been suffering from IBS for more than 3 years. At first I didn’t realize I had it, just thought it was something temporary.

Anyways, with time I learned to live with it despite the difficulties. What I usually do to make it better: I usually take some medicines that help stop the pain, most of it, try not to eat food that provokes gas since that is the worst time I can do. And another thing that helps me in my case is to place for example a hot towel where it hurts, normally I don’t feel it for a while.

For those who are in this community with this problem, I feel totally free to talk to you. It’s important to share our experiences to support each other and eventually new members who are suffering as well.

For me one of the main problems is that I’m usually nervous and always thinking about it or when will it start. But thanks to the support that I have, I can distract myself which helps a lot.

How frequently do I have pain attacks?

At first I had them very often, but when I stopped drinking milk or eating cheese, it helped a lot. Now, normally I have once a week but most of them aren’t so painful.

One of the most important things is to have someone to support or talk to, or to have something you like to do to distract yourself.

For those you feel the same as me, I just want you to know that: whatever happens, the best or the worst, you’re never alone. In here people know how you feel and many will support you!

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