After my daughter was born I was diagnosed with IBS… I’m at a loss cause I feel that my doctors don’t know what to do. They gave me medication but it just seems to mask the problem. I had these issues now for 20 yrs. I underwent a colonoscopy. It flared up my IBS… controlling the bathroom issues is impossible. 3 to 6 times a day. It’s exhausting. My husband wants me to go to get a third opinion on my symptoms. The medication makes me feel better but bothers my anxiety. I eat right I totally changed my diet 2 times.

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  1. Chris Hall moderator says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story, @eileenmurray! So much of what you say rings true for many others, so I hope you know you’re not alone! We have articles written about these things that I hope you find helpful:

    Is there a specific diet you’re adhering to now? I wanted to share one more article with you that details the low-FODMAP diet, which many folks with IBS have found relief with: Please come back anytime you need support! – Chris, Team Member

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