Spotlight: Living With IBS & Other Chronic Conditions

Spotlight: Living With IBS & Other Chronic Conditions

Last updated: November 2018

For many IBS sufferers, IBS is not the only chronic illness people live with. We often hear our community members talk about other conditions such as migraines, chronic pain and fatigue, mood disorders, and many more. For the month of June, we want to talk with you about living with IBS and other chronic conditions.

We want to hear from you! What advice do you have for managing your multiple chronic conditions? Let us know by posting in the our forums, sharing your story, or tweeting!


Do you have certain ways to cope with IBS and other chronic conditions? OR, do you have a question you’d like to ask? Please share it with us in our living with IBS and other chronic conditions forum:

Living With IBS & Other Chronic Conditions


What’s your experience living with IBS and other chronic conditions? Share your story with the community here:



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