A woman sits slumped against a wall in blue light , looking sad and defeated while a cell phone on the floor illuminates. On the opposite side of the wall is a brightly lit bar scene where people are eating and drinking at a hightop table.

IBS Awareness Month: The Things That I Miss

It's April and that means it's IBS Awareness Month! If there's one thing (and there's many) that many of you in the community have talked about it's this: missing out. Missing out on what exactly? Well, there's missing out on concerts, food, work, school, birthdays, weddings... the list goes on. People who don't have IBS need to understand that those with IBS don't want to miss out on an event; they most likely have to miss out.

All throughout the month, we want to start conversations about the things you miss so that we can help others understand what it's like to have IBS. Also, as a community we can offer each other support, camaraderie, and hopefully, a sense of not feeling alone anymore. Join us spreading IBS awareness!

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Do you have family and friends that just don't seem to understand when you miss an event? Or maybe they don't get that you can't eat the same way you used to. These three articles are must-reads for those that need help acknowledging the every day battles that IBS sufferers face:

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