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How to ask for accommodations in the workplace?

This is something that I’ve always struggled with. Sometimes it’s hard to open up about a chronic condition to an employer especially when it involves your digestion system. You don’t want to come across as you can’t do your job. Your just asking for flexibility. Sometimes I think it’s fustrating because your not taken seriously. I don’t require a ” private bathroom”, this was something that I was asked by management. I worked for an employer for almost 14 years with no accommodations. I think it worked out as me being able to manage only because the schedule was a combination of days, afternoon, evenings and sometimes nights. Had they all been early starts like 6 am, 7 am- 9 am I know I wouldn’t have lasted long. How do you ask for accommodations? What outcome have you gotten?

Community Answers
  • ldonne author
    5 months ago

    Thanks for your reply @tmholland. I do agree with you that some employers accept a doctors note. Not all though. This was accepted for me at a previous employer of mine. Will definetly use this as a method next time. Hoping for employers that are understanding and would accommodate.

  • tmholland moderator
    6 months ago

    Hi @Idonne,

    Thank you for sharing you thoughts on this very important question. I really don’t know that there is one answer to this question. My thought is that it depends on the employer and the individual. Meaning, some employers will go out of their way to accommodate someone with a doctor’s note and other’s may respond in the opposite direction. One individual may be completely comfortable being direct and honest about the IBS issues they face, while someone else may find bringing up IBS mortifying and impossible. I think with a doctor’s support and some self-advocacy anything is possible. I just wish it were an easier question to answer. Thank you. -Todd, Team

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