Has anybody else been tested for several things that lead to nothing?

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  1. DorisE says:

    Just a suugestion, but would you like to request a copy of the test results? Over many years my former GP would send me for a test, then tell me all was ok. When I got a new GP I requested a copy of my file which was sent to new doctor. I found several things of interest that my old Dr. had not told me. So now I have history of tests over the years which can be referred to in the future for comparison or review by another specialist.
    Also after having tests on kidneys years ago, he said all ok. A year later I found out from a specialist that the test had revealed a cyst on kidney. OK not major, but why wasnt I told? It’s my body! So now I ask for a photocooy of all test results. By the way I also found several errors on my old file.. so for me it was worthwhile, both for me and my new Doctor.

  2. jaeger91 says:

    Yes. Before I was diagnosed with IBS, I had a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. I was given a breath test to check for small intestine bacterial overgrowth. I was also checked for H-pylori. Fortunately, all of those turned out well. I had a sitz marker test which showed slow colonic function (constipation) and later a nuclear medicine test that showed the opposite (diarrhea). There was also a bunch of tests to determine the muscle and nerve functions of the pelvic floor and bowel.

    With each test, I held hope of finding answers and possible treatment options, so I could get back to living without fear of debilitating symptoms and humiliating “accidents.” I still don’t have definitive answers. I have tried many ways to manage my condition, but I have not had much success. It is frustrating.

    For me, the worst part of IBS is that it is often unpredictable and intermittent. Sure, there are things I can predict might set off a flare, but there are many times that I am surprised by a flare up and clueless as to what caused it. I can never know how long one is going to last. Sometimes when I am certain my colon must finally be empty, I’m proven wrong and have to make a mad dash to the nearest bathroom–hoping I make it on time. That is harder for me than the intense pain and nausea.

  3. rob5527 says:

    You sound like me. I thought I was over all of this craziness , but it now back worse than ever. I don’t get the nausea or pain, but the uncontrollable bowel movements are horrible. I had been pretty much IBS free for almost 1 1/2 years. Now it seems like everything I like, doesn’t like me.

  4. jaeger91 says:

    Sorry to hear that, rob5527. After having had success managing your condition, it has to be extremely frustrating to have it again and worse than it used to be. I hope you get through this flare up and find something that works for you again.

  5. Chris Hall moderator says:

    Hi kjayy2017 – thanks so much for submitting your question! Unfortunately, we’ve heard from many here that the diagnosis process is often not straight forward. This is mostly because IBS is diagnosed after excluding other conditions. What has been your experience so far with trying to get some answers? – Chris, IrritableBowelSyndrome.net Team Member

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