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Anyone experience symptoms after hip replacement?

Hi All…im new to the forum and saw a tummy doctor today as I have been having similar symptoms to IBS. After the examination he didn’t say i had IBS but gave me meds to clear the bowl as all these very uncomfortable symptoms turned up after my hip replacement 6 weeks ago and my tum hasn’t worked properly since the operation. I’m also experiencing pain in between my breastbone as i have an hiatal hernia. Has anyone else experienced this very uncomfortable feeling. Thank you.

Community Answers
  • Chris Hall moderator
    6 months ago

    Welcome to the site, @lal5206! Thanks for your question. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this symptoms after surgery. As if the recover itself wasn’t enough! I have heard other community members speak about symptom flare ups after surgery, but not necessarily hip replacement surgery. Has your doctor recommended any kind of treatment for the hernia? – Chris, Team

  • lal5206 author
    6 months ago

    Hi Chris…my GI chap recommended a bowel clean out which wasn’t really the answer. Still having symptoms but I’m less and more frequently so I will see how the issue goes.

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