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What has been your biggest struggle in dealing with an invisible illness?

Community Answers
  • Dede89
    1 year ago

    Being a mother , and taking the responsibility of a baby while I have to be in the bathroom for a long time !
    I manage to have safe places in my apartment so I can keep my daughter and I get a wireless camera to check on her ..
    I can’t get a job and I am afraid to ..
    I don’t like to travel because of IBS-D ..
    These are my struggles

  • peg215
    2 years ago

    I feel like no one in my family understands the frustration of the disease. I can’t even make it through the grocery store sometimes (often lately) without having to find a bathroom. It’s usually necessary when I am absolutely the furthest possible from the bathrooms, or in the checkout line (then what?)! I’m warn out. I also have psoriatic arthritis and hypothyroid ism (thyroid removed due to three suspicious tumors). I have to add in depression and anxiety, too. I feel like the depression and anxiety are directly linked to this wonderful trifecta of diseases. I’m sure it’s hard to look at me – with no outward appearance of disease – and totally not understand how much pain and stress I feel.

  • nanaboyer
    2 years ago

    Work and going places. There are days where I’m afraid to leave the house.

  • Chris Hall moderator author
    2 years ago

    Thanks for answering, nanaboyer! We’ve definitely heard a lot of feedback from the community about work and travel as well. I’m hoping that those days are far and few between for you! Here’s an article that I thought you might find interesting about work and IBS: Thanks for taking the time to comment! – Chris, Team Member

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