How long before the diarrhea slows up and hopefully stops?

I recently was diagnosed with IBS. My Diarrhea is every day even with Immodium A.D.

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  1. Chris Hall moderator says:

    Thanks for submitting your question, jimbob55! I’m sorry to hear about the recent diagnosis and the continuing diarrhea even with Immodium. Since IBS affects everyone differently, it’s really tough to say when you will experience relief. It’s best to speak with your doctor about treatment options. In the meantime, we have some more information on diarrhea here: https://irritablebowelsyndrome.net/symptoms/diarrhea-common-sign-symptom-of-ibs/. Additionally, for many folks, diet is a big factor in symptom relief. Here’s some more information regarding a diet plan that many adhere to: https://irritablebowelsyndrome.net/ibs-diet/. I hope this helps! – Chris, IrritableBowelSyndrome.net Team Member

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