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What are the best medications for this condition?

Community Answers
  • ExplodingGuts
    9 months ago

    Rabaprazole, Dexilant (more expensive Rabaprazole, basically), Olestyr, Metamucil, Align (probiotics) – all useless to me. And yes, it does feel more like some kind of infection that’s never quite cured. Interestingly, I did feel better when I contracted pneumonia at a walkin clinic and ended up on strong antibiotics. Told assorted MDs this but nothing. All the usual tests have revealed nothing, and I am not stressed or depressed or any of that, so anxiety except when I try to go for a walk somewhere without washroom access, is just not a factor. Considering a visit to Mayo Clinic if I can scrape up the cash.

  • Bismuth
    10 months ago

    I heard about Digestic pills two weeks ago by a friend whose wife takes them for years now. I just started last week and it literally changed my daily life. I am taking 2 pills a day and I am never constipated again. It was so impressive to see a such a big change. I bought my first bottle for free (just 1dollars for shipping) from their website. Definetly should give a try.

  • Chris Hall moderator
    10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing what’s worked for you, @bismuth. Glad to hear how much better you’re doing! It’s important to note that what works for one person may not work for others. We encourage all communities to check in with their doctor before starting any new treatments. Thanks again for sharing! – Chris, Team

  • Chris Hall moderator
    10 months ago

    Hi, @trystynm – thanks for your question! Unfortunately, there isn’t a gold standard of medication that works for everyone. Since everyone’s IBS symptoms and triggers are different, it can be hard to find effective medications. While we can’t provide any medical advice (for your safety), we do have an article that talks more about the various types of medication used to treat IBS symptoms here: We encourage you to speak with your doctor about any treatment options. Hope this helps! – Chris, Team

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