Does IBS make you stronger to face challenges?

Since many of us have to face this problem in our lives, do you feel you’ve become stronger?

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  • DorisE
    7 months ago

    I agree great question. Reminds me though of abusive ex I met on street… he said the relationship built character in me. Sorry, but for me, no way… Ibs D as it gets worse, more frequent, no cure, as I age and get other illnesses, my coping skills, strength, physical and mental is weakning. However, it is of course different for different people and I think depends on many issues.. I wish everyone the strength to fight this and cope with lifes slings and arrows… but for me many years of ill health including the pain, mess, isolation of Ibs d has proven too much… my spouse says take one day at a time.. I reply Can I take one hour at a time?
    I still recall the earlier years when I had the strength to overcome many hurdles. Still we cannot give up and MUST find a cure, prevention, or better treatment and understanding of this horrible illness.. .. hopefully the sooner the better.

  • Snowman author
    7 months ago

    I totally agree, sometimes I just break down because of this, however we still need to fight it and hopefully in the future not so many people will live with this. And I wish you all the strength and happiness in your life.

  • Chris Hall moderator
    7 months ago

    This is a really great question, @snowman! Interacting with the people of this community has shown me how strong IBS sufferers are. And while we wait for others to chime in, I thought I’d share an article from our contributor @hessp about his reflections on how IBS has made him a better person. Thanks again for submitting this question! – Chris, Team Member

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