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Cramps/Diarrhea After Eating on empty stomach

Any suggestions? When traveling for several hours or at some event I tend to not eat-going without eating for 6-8 hours. Problem is I’m hungry afterwards and once I eat i invariably get cramps and diarrhea. I assume this is common for IBS sufferers??

Community Answers
  • HessP moderator
    5 months ago

    Hi @frangolf,

    I can certainly relate to your experience! Sometimes when I’m traveling or I have an important business meeting to attend, I tend not to eat for a long time as well for the sake of avoiding a flare up. But, I find that for me it is not a healthy thing to do in the long run because I end up getting very hungry and fatigued (on top of the IBS symptoms I get depending on what I do eventually eat). One thing I’ve been trying to do differently is eat small snacks periodically rather than not eat at all. The challenge is finding a variety of snacks that won’t trigger my symptoms and will keep me satiated throughout the day.

    With that being said, if you would like tips/suggestions for traveling with IBS, here is a link to an article that I think you may find very helpful:

    Also, regarding your question if it is common for IBS sufferers to deal with cramps and diarrhea after not eating for a long period of time: I think it depends on the sub-type. I suffer from IBS predominant-diarrhea (IBS-D), so cramps and diarrhea are typical symptoms for me, whether I’m stressed and/or I ate something triggering. However, there are many who suffer from IBS predominant-constipation (IBS-C) and never really experience diarrhea as a symptom. I hope that answers your question.

    Please never hesitate to reach out for support and thank you so much for being a part of this community! Best – Hess, Team member

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