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  1. jaeger91 says:

    I share my experiences and respond to others on this website. I try, sometimes, to educate my family and a few close friends whom I trust enough to disclose my diagnosis. But I find it isn’t easy to talk about IBS with people who haven’t experienced it. Either they are uncomfortable with the topic, or spend less time listening than suggesting all the ways they think I should manage it, or they just don’t get it–how debilitating it really is.

  2. Chris Hall moderator author says:

    We’ve loved all your input on the site, jaeger91! I’m sure the folks you’ve spoken with on this site have deeply appreciated your insight. I hope that can overflow to those with whom it is more difficult to speak. Thank you so much for being in this community! – Chris, Team Member

  3. jaeger91 says:

    Thanks for reading my posts and for your feedback. Having this forum has been really helpful for me. It allows me to learn from others and to find a way to articulate my own experiences. Once I feel confident with that, I can hopefully do better at educating people who don’t suffer from IBS.

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