What source if most reliable for determining the fodmap in foods during the rechallenge phase?

I am rechallenging sorbitol with peaches, but also see peaches listed for fructose. Will I have an accurate rechallenge for sorbitol with peaches? The conflicting lists on various websites and in books are causing confusion during my rechallenge phase.

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  1. Andrea Hardy RD moderator says:

    Hey Marri! Great question – the reintroduction phase can be very confusing! There is no proper research to indicate the best way to retest hence why it can be challenging to find accurate information. I typically recommend seeing an RD who has developed a treatment protocol based on experience, however most RD’s expert opinion is, introduce one FODMAP at a time – (that includes splitting out mannitol from sorbitol!) – using FODMAP friendly app or Monash app can help guide you in this, or a registered dietitian or physician specialized in FODMAP’s to guide you, as it can be individual, and based on practitioner preference. Hope that helps! – Andrea Hardy, RD

  2. Andrea Hardy RD moderator says:

    Hi Marri! Great question! Sorbitol is a tricky one to test with as there is lots of conflicting information out there, and most fruits that contain sorbitol are also high in another FODMAP. I don’t recommend peaches for testing sorbitol, because they do contain fructose. The choices I usually give my patients are – Blackberries, 6 for the first test, 12 for the second and if they pass with flying colours, I usually get them to also try Lifesavers Sugar Free Mints sweetened with sorbitol (I’ve found them at Walmart, they’re tricky to find) – 2 candies the first test, 4 for the second test – since this is a controlled dose of sorbitol. There is a lack of consensus around how much sorbitol is found in various fruits; I believe this is due to the ripeness (the firmer the fruit the more the sorbitol) – so that’s why I usually do a back-up test to confirm – especially if they think they may be sensitive and are surprised by doing so well with blackberries. Usually, I only see sorbitol intolerance in IBS-D – as the sugar alcohol is poorly absorbed and tends to pull water into the bowel – so that’s something to keep in mind; the type of IBS you have may be helped or hindered by sorbitol. I hope that helps! – Andrea Hardy, RD

  3. Marri author says:

    I am suffering with IBS-D and had no symptoms with peaches. The source I was using indicated peaches as one of the best items to use for testing sorbitol. I will try your suggestions, but am really struggling with knowing which items to use for testing each of the fodmaps. What source can be trusted?

    Do I also need to test mannitol? Is it that different from sorbitol? The rechallenge phase is getting very long and tedious!

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