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Is there any alcohol and/or mixers considered safe to drink with IBS-D?

Community Answers
  • Elizabeth Alvarez moderator
    3 weeks ago

    This is a tough question since everyone reacts to food so differently. As far as my personal experience, I tend to do well with vodka or rum. Occasionally I do a red wine, but I find wine can be iffy for me in flaring my symptoms.

    I definitely stay away from any “complicated mixed” drink. If there is more than one alcohol I stay away from it. And too much sugar or juices is a no for me. Also beer, is a big no no, always.

    Overall, I rarely drink and limit to special occasions. I hope this helps some.

    Elizabeth (team member)

  • tmholland moderator
    3 weeks ago

    Hi @Georgina

    Alcohol, in general, is not generally recommended for the healthy management of IBS. That said, what causes one person severe IBS trouble (I cannot drink alcohol at all with IBS), may not bother another person in moderation. I have not heard too many folks say they can drink alcohol or cocktails with IBS, but this is just my experience. It’s always good to ask for a doctor’s advice in the case of these types of questions, if you have not already. I hope that your day is going well. -Todd, Team

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