Now I Get to Have Ulcers and IBS!

Yay! Upper Endoscopy and yet another Colonoscopy…gotta love it. So…now I have IBS, two, count em’ two, ulcers and gastritis. Gotta wonder just what my stomach thinks of me. What to do, what to do? I have had ulcers before and the gastritis is in remission for the time being. At least I think it is, or perhaps the IBS symptoms just trump the gastritis symptoms. I’m just speculating. Anyway, I thought the ulcers had healed because I hadn’t experienced that pain particular to having an ulcer (or two). If you haven’t had an ulcer, it feels different than IBS, so it is easy to separate the two phenomenons. What course of action now? I have to admit, I’m discouraged because I’ve been having quite enough trouble managing the IBS on it’s own. But, if I try to be rational about the whole thing, I think I’ll manage. Let’s see what’s involved here.

Preventing the pile up

First, let’s look at the positives. My diet has been meticulously crafted to handle my IBS, but as we all know IBS is crafty. I am constantly listening to my body to make certain changes to the diet to get things back under control. Treating ulcers is also ultimately centered around diet and managing stress, just like IBS. Glad to say, I think I have a head start here. The last time I dealt with ulcers I had not entered the fantastic world of IBS and was eating whatever the hell I wanted. Let’s just say, that ulcer hung around for quite a while. But, this time is different, with a few ulcer oriented variations to my diet, I should be good to go. This is only part of the story, unfortunately. I know my ulcers come from stress, and as hard as I try to manage that aspect of my life, my particular psychological make-up makes that part of the struggle a little difficult. I will admit, that I am discouraged and worried because of the IBS/Ulcer combination. I have said before that it is important not to lump all of our problems together, making one huge problem. It is best to look at each issue individually and deal with things one at a time and one day at a time.

Focusing on discipline

I should say that my ulcers are not ‘bad’, meaning there have been no ruptures or bleeding or the like. For God’s sake, after my GI doc explained about the ulcers, I was handed a prescription for Prilosec and bid a fond farewell. So…just an antacid, huh?  Hmm… From my experience, dealing with ulcers is not unlike managing IBS, it’s just a little overwhelming. The same remedies need to be applied. We talked about the diet, exercise, stress management, water, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no spicy food…man…what are we left with J? What we are left with is a healthier body, a healthier spirit and hopefully a positive outlook. Discipline can be hard to come by, but I suppose that having health issues like these make that discipline a little easier to understand and put into place. Glass half full, right?

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