Spinning My Way Into Better IBS Shape

I have recently discovered spin classes in the past 6 months. I have literally fallen in love with spin, and have seen my health improve ever since I started the classes. The loud music, the fast pace, the motivation, and so much more, has developed my love affair for spin.

As someone with anxiety, yoga is a little too slow-paced for me to “relax”. My mind starts spinning (instead of my legs), and I start thinking way too much. With spin, I find that I am able to let go! The loud music, the high difficulty, and fast speeds keep my mind off of other things for the WHOLE hour. If you’re someone with anxiety, you know that a whole hour without worrying is AMAZING!

Cycling zen

Cycling is considered aerobic, cardiovascular exercise, improves your overall health and fitness, and is a great way to release tension. If you have IBS, you have even more reason to stay active! Regular exercise helps relieve stress, and may prevent constipation. It’s also known that if your body is fit and active, your stomach will follow this trend!1,2

I recently told my spin instructor thank you so much for providing a “zen” environment for me to relax and let go. I immediately thought after I told her that, “She probably thinks I’m crazy! How is this loud, fast pace exercise, zen?” But she totally understood what I meant! It’s my escape. Working through each level of resistance on the bike is challenging and constantly changing, so you tend to lose track of time.

Good spinning instructors create a positive mentally distracting environment and time passes so quickly. There are times when I close my eyes and just think. Not only do I feel the escape during the fast-paced portion of the class, I really enjoy the warm-up and cool down at the beginning and end of the class to relax and let go.

Customize for comfort

As a bonus, I have found that spin classes are a great exercise for IBS because you’re sitting down. You’re not running, pounding the pavement, jolting your stomach around. This even saves you from putting pressure on your knees and feet! Spin classes primarily work your legs and arms, and during the abdominal portion of the workout, you can tailor your workout to what you feel comfortable with!3

If your stomach is really acting up during a class, you can skip the abdominal portion, so as not to upset your stomach even more. You can customize the workout by sitting down when the instructor is standing, which I really enjoy. Spin classes are all about listening to your body, and I think that’s why I love them so much. When I was experiencing hypothyroidism side effects, spin classes helped me burn calories and get back in the shape that I desired. Spin classes have been very beneficial for all of my chronic illnesses!

What is your favorite exercise? Have you found that exercising when you have IBS lessens your symptoms? Let us know!

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