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Soothed Gut, Pampered Butt Giveaway (Now Closed)

The frequent flare-ups of IBS can be a pain in the butt. Literally. From the irritation of constant bathroom trips to stomach and back pain, there's no shortage of discomfort for the IBS sufferer. In honor of IBS Awareness Month 2019, we're thrilled to give away a prize package with your comfort in mind!

The prizes

YuYu Bottle

One luxury fleece YuYu Bottle in coral. The YuYu Bottle is a long water bottle designed to wrap around your abdominal area, lower back, or wherever you need to relieve cramps or muscle pain.

Tushy Bidet

One Tushy Bidet Gift Pack, including a Tushy Classic Bidet, bum towels, and an "Ask me about my butthole." t-shirt. The Tushy Bidet is a modern bidet that easily clips to your existing toilet and does not require plumbing or electrical work!

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Giveaway is now closed

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