Overhaul Something For IBS Stress

I have recently spent more time at home, as I made the decision to leave an incredibly stressful job in social work to concentrate on my health and overall wellbeing. While the immediate results have been miraculous, I know that in the long run, there will be other challenges and this ‘change of life’ will not fix all my problems.

Typically, I would say I pay very little attention to things like the aesthetics of my surroundings, in this case, my apartment. My schedule generally has me leaving the house very early (after my morning IBS struggles), working a full day in a stressful environment and then returning home tired, frustrated and hungry. On the weekend I have my children with me and pay more attention to them than in the state of my environment.

Noticing a need for change

I know that something as simple as cleaning my room helps my overall wellness. I did that and more on my first few days off from work. I started throwing things out...there was a lot to throw out. I am not a collector or hoarder, there was just a lot of things I let sit. The reason for this is that I typically take a day for day, one moment at a time attitude towards life. This is really good (in my opinion) for managing my illness and not getting overwhelmed.

The thing is, when I started thinking a little bit about my future and who I was at age 45, it dawned on me that perhaps it might be the little things that brought me some relief and happiness rather than the seemingly much larger, dramatic considerations of my youth. I decided that the apartment was getting overhauled, for me. If the relative order of one room made me feel good, what if I changed the look of the entire apartment? I can say that when I was finished, I hadn’t felt that good about myself in a very long time.

Changes I made to my apartment

I didn’t spend a lot of money. I got a new couch at the Goodwill that was brand new (being a social worker for 4 years doesn’t exactly make you rich). I got some pieces of art for the walls (framed posters), new towels, waxed my kitchen and most importantly, threw away EVERYTHING that I absolutely didn’t need. After about a week I started seeing my ‘new apartment’ and I felt like I could breathe again. Regardless of the struggle with a couple of different illnesses, I had found some relative peace at that moment.

Overhaul something – anything

We are always making big changes. New jobs, new doctors, new insurance, new medications. While these are very important, sometimes the little things can be just as beneficial to our health and state of mind. Give it some thought. What might make you feel good to fix up or overhaul? It really could be anything. A collection, a bike, the garden and on. I thought I would share in the hopes that someone else might find a bit of relief in this way.

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