My New IBS Symptom: Back Pain

My New IBS Symptom: Back Pain

So now I have back pain? From IBS? Just when I thought I had this whole thing figured out, I start noticing that the somewhat regular abdominal discomfort and occasional PAIN, is somehow radiating to my back. I have not seen the doctor yet, but wanted to share my experience with this new symptom. I have a pretty good idea why this has started and am scheduled to see the doctor within the next few weeks, but currently feel a little fragile as I can’t help but feel like, ‘what’s next?!’ Little frustrated, little angry. But...time to get BACK to work. Pun intended ;)

IBS related back pain

Two weeks ago I woke up feeling crappy like I do every morning...yeah, pun intended again...sorry. So we’ve got the morning rush thing happening and I notice while I’m dealing with all of that, that the middle of my back hurts. I have lower back problems from time to time and I knew right away that this was different. I literally felt like the pain in my belly had taken a freight train from my front to my back. And honestly, whether I liked it or not, I knew this was IBS related. I had read about this being a possibility, but for some reason thought that it only happened to people with one of the OTHER kinds of IBS (IBS-C or IBS-M). Oh...I suffer with the D variety. OK, now that we're clear about that, please allow me to continue. Immediately, I started to think about WHY now? What had changed in my body to bring this symptom on? Well, as I have mentioned, I recently quit smoking. I have quit smoking two times in the past, in the days before my IBS issues and suffered some terrible constipation. I also did notice that this time around, that some of my IBS issues had become less severe and thought that this must be another benefit of leaving the cancer sticks behind. Now, keep in mind I’m speculating, but I think that the change in my digestive system with the cigarette cessation caused some sort of rebellion in my stomach. As we all do, I immediately went searching for ways to alleviate the discomfort.

Focusing on relief

I find it very interesting to think that when you suffer with something like IBS, you spend so much time thinking about your body and how it reacts to things that you sort of develop a sort of intuition about what it needs. I realized pretty quickly that I had let my probiotics lapse for quite a while, due mostly to monetary reasons. For one reason or another, I remembered that the doctor who had diagnosed my IBS mentioned a particular probiotic (Align) that he recommended to help ‘get things in order.' Because I believe in trusting my gut (punning again...ugh), I decided to get some. It helped. Not FIXED. But helped. Concentrating more on movement and flexibility in my exercise regimen helped, too. I will share my findings with you all after I see the doctor. I understand that sometimes IBS related back pain can be the result of some inflammation and I don’t want to leave my health to chance. Wish me luck, I’ll report BACK...damn...did it again :-)

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