Mixed Episodes of IBS During the Pandemic

For the first few months of quarantine, I noticed that my IBS symptoms had dramatically decreased. I was pretty sure that because of the ‘break’ from real life, that my general worry and anxiety about my condition had diminished, so my IBS symptoms must have been responding. This was really great as I’m sure you can all agree. What we all wouldn’t give without a couple of months (hell, a couple of days sometimes) without a flare-up or difficult bathroom episode.

IBS-M has struck again

I have mentioned before that I struggle with both IBS-C and IBS-D (so I have IBS-M). Unfortunately, after the sweet bliss of 8 weeks or so of very light response to my illness, constipation started kicking in really bad. Once again, I assumed that it was because of the fact that I was stuck inside most of the time.

Days went by, and I had a video appointment with my doctor. He prescribed some additional medication but made a pretty astute observation that escaped me. He completely agreed that my anxiety was starting to return because of too much time wondering about the state of the world, my future, and a plethora of other things. However, he started to ask how I was doing with my diet, exercise, and all the things I usually do to manage my IBS. I took a hard look at my current daily routines and noticed that I wasn’t doing that well at all.

Looking to get things back in order with my IBS

It wasn’t that I was ignoring all of my good habits. It was that they were so sporadic that I was suffering from it. I get great results and relief from keeping things in order, constant, and regular. Well, the way things have been going lately, I would refer to my daily routine as anything but ‘regular’. I know I’ve been hearing the phrase ‘the new normal.’ If this is the case, at least for now, I need to start looking at my IBS management plan from the ground up and start making changes, or at very least get things back in order.

I won’t sugar coat this thing. My symptoms, both constipation, and diarrhea are doing a back and forth, nasty dance, at the moment, that is not very pleasant at all. Anyone who struggles with both forms of IBS knows how frustrating this can be.

You seem to get once symptom under control and then the other takes over, leaving you spinning your wheels trying to figure out which to attack next. The key is not 'attacking’ either. Eating clean and keeping a healthy regular schedule will even things out in the end. I know what I need to do, but in this environment, I’m having a hard time with motivation. I am working on my motivation with a journal of daily moods and habits and hope that I can glean something from that. Anyway, I will keep trying and promise to keep you updated. Thank you for your support.

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