Living Life without a Doctor

A while ago I wrote an article about why I haven’t seen a doctor in years. To sum it all up, I basically haven’t always had the best experience with doctors, and everything they’ve suggested or prescribed never worked for me and my IBS. Therefore, I stopped relying on them so much and decided to start taking my health into my own hands. I used to think just because doctors went through a rigorous education process to get to where they are means that they would always know what’s best for me. I also used to think that if anyone wanted to be a doctor or nurse, or somehow involved in the healthcare industry, that they would know what it takes to truly care for individuals and have a sense of empathy at all times. However, I now understand 1) that’s not always the case and 2) that my expectations were way too high.

Taking my health more seriously

Now this is not to insinuate that I don’t have trust or faith in medical professionals overall. It just means that I want to do for myself what I relied so much on doctors to do for me in the past, which is to care for me and inform me how to live a healthier life. Why did I need someone else to do that for me? Why did I feel like I always needed a doctor to tell me what was best for me? Well, the answer is simple. It’s because I was conditioned to believe their word over mine due to their level of education. I was conditioned to believe that I was incapable of grasping that kind of knowledge, so instead I had to put my trust in others to tell me what they thought was best for me – all within five minutes of meeting them. Eventually, I had to change my mentality and turn things around.

At first, it was a struggle living life without a doctor. It wasn’t always by choice, but nonetheless, I had to take my health more seriously if I wanted to be able to function in life in one way or another. I made it a point to trust and rely on myself more, so I started reading journal articles, books, and stories about anything I felt was important for me to learn about health in general, and especially about my IBS. I did research on different kinds of diets and somehow learned to view food as a medicine and not always a luxury. I learned about different diseases and their causes, and I have realized there was so much in common amongst different invisible illnesses that I had never learned before. There was even a period when I was learning about bodybuilding, and I realized the importance of having even a mild form of physical activity in one’s life to stay flexible and capable of moving around with a sense of ease. Throughout the years, I have continuously learned about my body and started making changes I believe were best for me, and to be honest, I have been so much better off without a doctor.

It's not always easy

It’s not easy doing it on my own, but I have no choice for a quite a few reasons. I can’t afford good health insurance, and I also can’t afford to see a doctor as often as I would like or need to because of the copays and expensive costs of certain procedures. Consequently, for the time being, I will only see a medical professional on an emergency basis. My plan is to continue to take my health seriously, and learn everything and anything I need to in order to stay on top of it. So, when I say I’m “living life without a doctor”, I just mean I’m the main person deciding what’s best for my health, and that’s how it should always be.

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