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6 Apps for Productivity and Mental Health

With life’s hustle and bustle, managing both time and stress levels can be a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e. And, just when you get into the rhythm of the day, your gut may decide otherwise. Let’s face it – symptoms always creep in at the worst times, especially during a stressful situation. Give yourself a helping hand with these organization and stress management apps to allow you to handle even the busiest days.

By investing in some time upfront to get and stay organized, you’ll find your days less hectic and more manageable. This could also help free up some time explore the many tasty recipes on this site, practice that mindful meditation you’ve been considering since New Year’s or get more fresh air outside to decompress!

Organization is key

Is your desk covered in an explosion of colorful sticky notes, yet you can’t locate the ones you need? Frustrated and frazzled, you decide to move onto another task, only to come across your beloved “note to self” hours later. While many are seemingly attached to their chaotic yet “organized” ways, do yourself a favor and try these apps for a more effective system.


This app combines simplicity with efficiency. Notion helps turn your sticky-noted desk into an organized masterpiece. Whether it includes personal or work-related topics, all of your records stay in one place. Bonus, it’s free to download and requires no additional in-app purchases. Set up notebooks and agendas straight from your phone. Then, sync the data to your mac or windows computer for maximal organization!


This app holds true to its name. It digitally categorizes and conceals your various lists to maximize the organization of your to-do's and your to-done’s. It also provides simple and incredibly satisfying ways to mark tasks as complete, such as by shaking and swiping on your device. Let’s face it, eliminating items off a list is the best part of a busy day! Minimalist is a free download but may require additional in-app purchases.


Don’t let mealtime be an added stress to your day. This app has the answer to the age-old question, “What’s for dinner?” It helps organize your favorite IBS-friendly recipes, articles, cooking demonstrations videos, which can then be viewed at a later time. All of your favorite internet content is just a click away! This free app is available on a web browser on your mobile device so that you won’t ever miss a beat.

Improve Your Headspace

Stress is often a trigger of unwanted symptoms associated with IBS. Talk about a vicious cycle! Learn how to better your headspace with these useful apps to minimize stress-induced flare-ups through improved medication and mindfulness skills.


This aesthetically, the pleasing app can help improve your mindfulness and meditation skills. It offers a unique yet multifaceted approach to help combat anxiety and feelings of anxiousness. Headspace even has meditative settings for anxious sleepers! The app is free but may require in-app purchases for an enhanced experience. It’s a new and simple way to meditate!


This app is a digital journal that allows users to create guided entries to maximize mindfulness. The app even offers a ton of different prompted topics to choose from! It can be used to improve sleep, mental clarity, self-affirmations, gratitude, anxiety, stress, and mindful living. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop to an improved headspace. Tranquility is only one click away.


This app will let you channel your inner peace. With the help of inspirational phrases, users can become in-tune with feelings of gratitude and forgiveness. It also uses a combination of music and guided exercises to help people manage stress. Meditate is a useful mobile app for when you need to disconnect from your troubles and improve your headspace.

Life is challenging enough. Team up with your technology to manage daily stress and improve time management. These apps will free up valuable time that you can spend doing the activities you love!

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