IBSgirl at the Gym: Fitness, Diet and Irritating Bowel Symptoms


Comfort. Fashion. Health. Fitness. These are all things that we strive for; but when you're living with IBS they can seem unattainable. This is further exacerbated when you're trying to live healthy through extensive weight training. Lifting weights requires large amounts of protein and although you can find many IBS friendly sources (tofu, chicken, eggs...) it isn't always that easy. The situation is, again, further exacerbated by the fact that in order to gain the best results you must mix up your protein sources. Alas, the search often leads to legumes and beans, beans, beans; not quite so friendly to the IBS crew.

Not so magical fruit

Let's face it, beans are delicious, but not incredibly desirable when you suffer from IBS. Beans are like the annoying distant cousin you ignore at family parties––you know they need to be in your life, but they're simply impossible to endure. Alas, as a weight lifter who suffers from IBS, not only do I need to find protein sources that will not upset my symptoms but, according to contemporary research, I must eat even more than the average person due to the amount of protein that is often lost on a daily basis (see below). Not even protein powders are safe! Don't worry, I'm aware that my lifestyle choices seem to be paradoxically insane.

Research and compare

Despite this, we must not lose hope. We are already on the right track: eating healthy, staying active. So, rather than give up, we need to keep researching, keep trying new sources of healthy proteins, carbs and fat––FODMAPs be damned! And remember to be careful about not only what you eat, but also what you read. Some articles and dietary restrictions/recommendations are not exactly steeped in contemporary scientific fact. Compare articles that discuss IBS diets and those related to fitness/weight training, and find a healthy medium for yourself. After all, the goal here, is you!

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