My IBS Clogged the Whole House

Here’s an embarrassing story for you. One day I went shopping for food and toiletries, which is normally a hard task for me to do because I just never know when my IBS is going to kick in. Lately my wife has been unable to accompany me due to her strict schedule with her Ph.D. program, so my times at the supermarket are always a struggle, but I’m gradually learning to manage and endure the more often I go alone. (By the way, admitting that last sentence makes me feel so incapable, and it’s hard to even express or articulate why that is the case. I still find myself trying to get over the trauma of being told that it’s all in my head that I still question if what I’m going through is real.)  So anyway, as I walk down the aisles and select my groceries, I feel the pain on the left side of my stomach slowly start to increase and the gas bubbles begin to build. I, of course, activate the “Speedy Gonzalez” in me and rush through the supermarket to purchase my items, but not without getting the most important thing; flushable wipes. I grabbed those bad boys as quick as I could, purchased all my groceries, and made my way home to sit on my porcelain throne. Some of you might be wondering, why didn’t I just use the public restroom at the supermarket, or anywhere else nearby? Well, honestly I need to feel a certain level of comfortability in order to use the toilet and have a bowel movement. The anxiety I get when I use a public restroom creates such a buildup in my gut it’s ridiculous. I’d much rather be at the luxury of my own bathroom.

Wipes are wipes, right?

Thank goodness I didn’t forget to buy the wipes due to the urgency of having to use the toilet that day. Even though they weren’t the normal brand I always buy, they were on sale and I was in such a rush that I didn’t read the label. Wipes are wipes, right?

Well, I went about my business and continued to use the wipes. After a few days of using these new wipes I realized they weren’t the best brand I had ever used because the quality was horrible, and it just wasn’t what I was used to. I don’t want to give too much detail but let’s just say the wipes weren’t doing a great job at capturing all the dirt. The quality was durable but, at the same time, it was so cheap that I had to use more than one at a time just to get the job done right.

To make a long story short, a couple of more days passed and I was getting so frustrated with the wipes that I decided to take a better look at the package. I read the label and come to find out that although these were wipes to cleanse your ‘behind’, they weren’t flushable whatsoever. Man, I tossed them out ASAP! I was so upset at myself. This is what happens when my IBS makes me rush out the supermarket and I don’t think of anything else but rushing to the toilet. In fact, things like this happen almost every time I go shopping due to the fact that I end up having to rush - I either grab something I shouldn’t have or I end up forgetting to buy something. You see, it’s not just missing out on occasions or events, it’s the little things that also make living with IBS hard.

Ok, so here comes the juicy part.

After a month or so of tossing out the wipes, I started to hear strange noises in my drain pipes around the house and in the basement. Sometimes when these noises occurred the water in the toilet would bubble, thus creating a “bubbling toilet”. I don’t know much about plumbing but I knew that definitely wasn’t a good sign. So of course the plumber was called and after about an hour of investigation, he ended up finding wipes that were creating a blockade in the drain pipes. He went as far as to describe how he needed a knife to cut through the wipes just to be able to unclog the obstruction. Needless to say, ‘embarrassing’ is not even the word to describe how I felt. Who would’ve thought my IBS would’ve led to my negligence, thus resulting in clogging the drain pipes in my home? So moral of the story: if ‘booty’ wipes are the most important items for you to buy at the store, then please read the label and make sure they’re FLUSHABLE!

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