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5 Apps for Hydration and Fitness

People are glued to their screens. But, what if your screen time can be used to pump up your daily efficiency, live a healthier lifestyle, and improve symptom management? Having IBS can take up additional time in your day. Plus, like many chronic conditions, you need to carve out time for you! But with work or family demands or a combination of both, you may find you don’t have enough time to build in those healthy habits.

Apps can help improve efficiency and free up more time to take some of those health goals off the back burner. In case you missed our previous article, “6 Apps for Productivity and Mental Health,” here are some more worth-while apps to help you live your best life.

Hydrate your body

Proper hydration is a key component of symptom management, especially for those with IBS-C. Consuming adequate fluids helps bulk fecal matter, drives its movement through the body, and helps decrease one’s risk of disease. Poor hydration is also a habit I often find in my SIBO patients (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). Check out this app to help improve your hydration!

1. My Water

This simple app is designed to help people increase fluid intake. Throughout the day, it provides helpful reminders to put that water bottle to good use. The user can input their daily fluid intake, which helps monitor their progress towards a set hydration goal. The app also permits the inclusion of other fluids such as coffee, peppermint tea, milk, juice, and more. While the app is free to download, a premium version can be purchased. Consider using this app to get one step closer to your hydration goals for better symptom management!

Go after your goals

Reach for the stars. Well…sometimes, it’s easier said than done. But, with a combination of motivation, accountability, and confidence, what is seemingly impossible can become a reality. It’s essential to start off with small and achievable goals that can eventually progress into big changes. Check out these apps to get one step closer to your dreams.

2. Routines

This app is the motivational guru that you need to help achieve your goals. "Routines" uses daily rituals and lists to help instill change within your habitual life. Goals can be as small as drinking a glass of water, chewing your food more, or deep breathing before entering a stressful meeting. Although the app sends minimal daily reminders, it does help create a sense of autonomy, while also being a helping hand when needed.

3. Done

This app tracks the frequency of your achieved goals and drives improvement by making them progressively more difficult. For instance, if you consistently achieve your goal of drinking 64 oz of water per day, the app will increase it by a customized amount. Unfortunately, the free version of this app is quite limited. But, a one-time purchase will unlock a ton of premium options that will further enable goal achievement. Set your goals…and get it DONE!

Sweat it out!

Get your sweat on to not sweat the small stuff! Exercise releases endorphins that help decrease feelings of stress, which is a common trigger of IBS flare-ups. Do your gut a favor and carve out time for your favorite physical activity. Yoga. Dancing. Boxing. Resistance training. The possibilities are endless. Check out these helpful apps to track your workout progress and find your new favorite exercise routine.

4. Glo

This app will help you find your inner peace with its vast selection of different yoga classes. Whether you are a yoga newbie, a seasoned pro, or want to incorporate some dynamic stretching workouts into your routine, there are options for everyone. While certain courses are free, a monthly or yearly membership will unlock a ton of professionally instructed classes. There is an annual or monthly membership price. But, the calming effect of restorative breathing is a great way to improve your headspace and prevent IBS flare-ups. Plus, yoga also increases blood flow, which can significantly help manage symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. An endless amount of yoga classes is only a click away from your mobile device.

5. Nike Training Club

"Just do it!" This app is great for those who need an extra push to help reach their exercise goals. It’s equipped with intense cardio workouts, resistance training, and yoga. It even includes basic nutrition and wellness. The app provides expert training tips and access to professional coaches in order to maximize your fitness progress. It’s free to download but may require additional in-app purchases. Nike Training Club is a great way to amplify your training and put the fun back into your exercise routine.

People have a TON to worry about during their day, which generally pushes self-care to the backburner. Use technology to your advantage and make yourself a priority again to improve your health, IBS management, and overall well-being.

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