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I tend towards the basic when it comes to managing my stress and IBS. I have just found that following a proper diet and exercise routine to be hard enough without adding other variables in to my ‘IBS System’. I mention the ‘stress’ part with the IBS because, for me, the two literally go hand in hand. I am not going to include the anxiety, mental health, depression responses to my stress in this article as it would complicate matters. This is simply about my stress levels and the IBS RESPONSE. If the diet is good and I am exercising, the frequency and intensity of my flare ups decreases. This I know. This is also the reason that I try very hard to stay on track. What I don’t manage very well, very often, is my stress levels.

Ball of nerves

Naturally, I’m a ball of nerves. Just the way I am. I’ve always been this way. This does not mean that I don’t try very hard to manage my stress. I have mentioned the importance of meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and several other stress reduction tools in my life. I generally avoid ‘product’ though, for two reasons. One, is that there seems to be some new elixir everybody is flocking to all the time... snake oil (I know I sound like a cranky old man). The second, well, is I simply can’t afford it. Really. I have enough money for my bills, good food, a roof, the gym and my kids. That’s about it. So, adding any ‘special’ stuff to my regimen just doesn’t seem worth it. My best friend offered me something the other day, to try (even though she knows I don’t like snake oil ;-) Hemp seed oil. Here are my findings.


We all hear so much about the benefits of CBD oil for stress reduction and other maladies that I wasn’t really sure what the difference was. I’m sure there is a more scientific answer, but from what I gather hemp seed oil is oil pressed from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD is derived from the flowers, leaves and stems. I wrote an article a while back about the benefits of a CBD massage that you might find interesting. Moving on. I decided I would try the gift of hemp seed oil that my friend had provided by first rubbing some on my wrists, behind my knees and on my ankles and feet. I lay on the couch. Almost immediately, it was very noticeable that I was more relaxed. This was nothing mind blowing or life changing, but was obvious and pleasing. The instructions on the bottle suggested using it with a homemade shampoo or body wash recipe. I tried both. Both worked even better than the simple rub down.

I have not really given CBD much of a chance because of the money factor, but I believe I will. Until then I will continue to use the hemp seed oil. It’s very inexpensive and I believe if there is anything that can help reduce our stress and help towards managing IBS attacks, well then it is definitely worth trying.

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