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IBS Awareness Month Means Hearing From You

Throughout the month of April, the team at has been speaking out about IBS Awareness Month. We’ve had a lot of great comments and discussion on our Facebook page, and we wanted to keep the conversation and awareness going!

Opening up about IBS

IBS understandably draws many sufferers inward, making them very reluctant to talk about their condition. Some found that speaking up about their illness had positive results


See how some IBS sufferers began to speak out about their condition:

Controlling IBS

IBS symptoms can be extremely difficult to effectively control. Sometimes, what works to control symptoms one week, makes symptoms flare the next.


Here are articles relating to controlling and managing symptoms:

Most frustrating IBS symptom

With the many symptoms that IBS sufferers experience, some can be more problematic than others.


Read what the community has to say about their symptoms:

Diet management

Many IBS sufferers have found that following specific dietary strategies help relieve symptoms.


These articles explain more about different dietary strategies:

We want to hear from you!

What does awareness mean to you? What have you learned about IBS that has impacted your journey with this invisible illness? We’d love to hear about your thoughts by commenting below, or by sharing your story.