A woman looking sick and exhausted sits on the bathroom floor leaning against the toilet. A shadow of two ghosts and an evil jack-o-lantern is cast on the wall next to her.

Halloween Scare Flare

Happy November! I, like most reasonable and responsible people during this crazy time, stayed in on Halloween. I thought I was going to have a quiet night watching a Halloween movie with my roommate.

Spooky supper

I cooked dinner: baked cod with garlic and lemon with bok choy, stir-fried in sesame oil, and rice. Usually, this is my go-to lazy meal because it's so incredibly simple and, usually, it doesn't bother me at all. I also always top the rice and bok choy with hoisin sauce after. So, I sat down, ate my meal, and thought about which Halloween movie my roommate and I would watch. Now, I don't know what happened but I started to feel quite ill. My roommate had to jump on a Zoom call before we watched the movie so I figured I'd have lots of time to do the old IBS clear-out.

Scare flare

I started to feel sicker and sicker. My temperature started rising and I felt clammy and sweaty, with chills running up my back. I started to panic. I ended up calling my roommate, who was on her call, to come to the washroom so I could tell her to be aware in case I fainted (because my vision was starting to spot and it felt like it might go there).

As a good roommate should, she brought me a bowl to vomit in (I didn't feel like I was going to vomit but just in case), a freezer pack, and a large cup of water. I did feel ashamed and embarrassed to have to even ask for these things (ah IBS shame never goes away) but of course, she was accommodating. I felt so feverish and clammy that I ended up throwing off my sweater and pressing the freezer pack to my neck. Then, slowly the fever and clamminess went away, as I, well you know, passed bowel movements.

I was still left sitting on the toilet on and off for the next couple of hours before most of it cleared out, which is never fun. Sidenote: how to invent a toilet that is somehow usable and comfy? Anyway, I've only had that happen to me once where it got that bad, and that was tequila in my system (I was not drunk, but it was pretty pure tequila and something in it got angry at me). I was genuinely scared I would have to go to the hospital, which is the last place anyone wants to be right now in the middle of all of this.

Boo to IBS

Suffice to say, my roommate and I did not get to watch a Halloween movie together. I watched a movie by myself and managed to get through the whole thing before I had to trek back to the warzone. I ended up only being able to sleep at 4 AM because my system was still coming down from the flare. Definitely, a much more eventful Halloween than I thought I was going to have...

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