5 Awesome Ways to Help Someone in An IBS Flare

Whenever an IBS flare hits, life just seems impossible. You are dealing with awful cramping, pain, nausea, bowel urgency, and constant running to the washroom. Dehydration typically hits because of the number of toilet trips paired with little to no nourishment from food and water, since you are in total agony and eating/drinking are just too painful.

And talk about being in a cranky mood. I mean who doesn’t get irritable? You are just so miserable dealing with your awful flare symptoms for hours and hours. You become so fatigued that thinking about doing anything like cooking a meal or washing dishes suddenly seems like a daunting task. Let’s face it, help during these moments is God sent.

So what are the best things to do in order to help someone dealing with an IBS flare?

Well, since I have unfortunately been in this position one too many times, I have come up with a couple of tips that I have found to be a total godsend when offered. Let’s take a look:

Offer to shop for groceries

Chances are, the person dealing with the flare has been dealing with it for a day or two.  They are exhausted. Offer to do their groceries. They will be so thankful, as the thought of getting into the car and heading to the grocery store is nothing but filled with panic for them at this moment! So get their list and give them a hand with this, they will be forever grateful!

Help tidy their home

Whether you have IBS or not, everyone knows that when someone is feeling sick, house chores take a second seat. The bottom line is, when you aren’t well, you simply don’t have the energy to do dishes, sweep the floor, tidy the kitchen, and do laundry. Oh, but how glorious it is, when a family member or friend comes over and just does it for you while you are stuck sick in bed. It is the best feeling when your home is picked up, especially when you are miserably sick. So if you can offer to help with house chores, it will be such a relief to your IBS friend.

Cook them a home-cooked meal

Going through an IBS flare puts so much stress on the body. And the idea of eating can be difficult sometimes as the person suffering may have many trigger foods that will make the flare worst. Offer to cook them a nourishing home-cooked meal full of nothing but their safe foods. For example, when I am in a flare, I crave my aunt’s chicken soup. It makes me feel so much better and every time I am unwell, she makes it for me. It’s heaven! And she makes a large portion so that I don’t have to worry about cooking. I just heat up the soup and enjoy. It is such a huge help!

Give them peace and quiet

If you are a roommate or family member who lives with someone going through an IBS flare, one thing they would appreciate is to allow them peace and quiet to rest. They are dealing with a lot of pain and stress from running to and from the restroom that once they get a second, peace and quiet for sleep is the only way to survive. So if you can, give them the perfect atmosphere for some much-needed rest.

For those with IBS, can you think of anything else you would love help with during a flare?  Share below, we love to hear from you!

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