Feeling Guilty for Enjoying Quarantine?

Perhaps I’m alone in this, but are you enjoying being quarantined throughout this horrible pandemic? And do you feel a bit guilty about it?

I have to say, I think many of you can relate to the fact that we have been quarantined long before being quarantined was a thing. Dealing with IBS and Crohn’s calls for many consecutive days of being at home, sick, and running to and from the bathroom to your bedroom. I very rarely would leave my house during a bad flare, it was close to impossible actually. So in these regards, I am used to the whole quarantine thing.

And when I am not flaring, I still tend to be home for most of the time. I have been working from home for almost two years now. So being home all day and having my meals at home is normal for me.

Anxiety from being home too much? Not me. I am somewhat of a homebody. I enjoy being in my home quarters where I know I am comfortable and have a clean and familiar bathroom to retreat to for when I am ill. Also, if the fatigue hits, I love knowing that I can curl up on my couch or if I am in pain I can get in bed.

Being home is comforting to me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being out but I have to say, I am not one that gets anxious if I can’t get out and socialize. I can deal with these new changes quite well actually. And to be honest, I feel sort of guilty. Guilty because I am happy as a clam while others are out there suffering and truly having the most difficult time adjusting to the new normal.

Let’s face it. I am single. I don’t have a family to care for and children to keep busy. I don’t need to help with virtual learning or cook meals for multiple people every single day. I just have to worry about me. And I know that I am so fortunate in this aspect. And that is the exact reason why I feel a bit guilty.

I can’t imagine how stressful it must be, being quarantined with children and trying to navigate this new normal as a family. My hat goes off to all the mothers and fathers during this time! You are all incredible!

3 tips to manage stress and IBS during the pandemic

As for the rest of us single adults, here are some tips to keep anxiety and stress from creeping in:

I don’t watch a ton of the news

Constantly having the news on only enhances anxiety. We are in tumultuous times and to have all that negativity feeding into your ears constantly isn’t the best idea. However, it is so important to stay informed. So what I do is read the news. I have the sites that I like to visit daily and I read in order to stay informed.

For some reason, I find that reading is much less stressful than watching the news. You can read at your own pace and choose which articles to dive into and take a look at.

Create a healthy routine

From the moment I wake up, I have my set schedule. It includes eating all my meals, exercising, spending time outdoors in the sun, completing my work, and socializing with friends and family while taking the necessary precautions. Routine is so important while being quarantined. And getting fresh air daily is crucial.

Make time for self-care

Most importantly, I always make time for myself. It can be as simple as applying a soothing face mask before you go to bed or playing some music and painting your nails. Anything to help you feel cozy and pampered!

For all you single adults out there, are you adjusting well to being quarantined or is this a difficult time for you?  Share below, we love to hear from you!

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