Dating And IBS...Again

After a VERY long lay off, I decided to dip my toe in the proverbial dating pond and see how I fared this time around. My confidence was very bad for a while, in no small part to the IBS and other stomach issues I deal with, but I finally came to a place where I was starting to feel better about myself.

I prepared, worked out to the best of my ability, and have been making sure to adhere to the diet that has been working for me for the last 6 months or so. Soo...thought I’d give it a go. My experience with ‘online dating’ has not been good. This has nothing to do with IBS, really, only that I am more comfortable making a connection with someone I know, rather than a stranger that I have ‘gotten to know’ through a series of text messages.

Progress with a new relationship

Nevertheless, this time it worked out differently. At first, it was easy, but 2 months in, I’m starting to panic a little. I wasn’t prepared for THIS. I thought I would just go out and make an effort at being sociable (I tend to isolate a bit too much). I wasn’t looking for anything special, mostly because I usually don’t. But here I am, 8 weeks have passed and I really like her. Problem is, it starts to get a little more complicated the longer the relationship goes on. There are things (like IBS) that I will have to tell her about at some point.

I’m jumping the gun, I know that. But, it is in my nature to worry about what comes next. As I said, it’s easy during the first part of getting to know someone in a romantic type relationship. You spend several hours together at night and then you can find an excuse to go home if you aren’t feeling well (I have kids, so...easy out :-)). But as you begin enjoying the other person’s company, you don’t want to leave. You want to just feel normal and not have to worry about disclosing the fact that you have an illness. my case, several illnesses.

Taking things one day at a time

I am not whining...just making a point. I have IBS, ulcers, gastritis, bipolar disorder, and an anxiety disorder. While I couldn’t be more proud of the progress I have made with each of these challenges, they tend to be private for me and I best really trust you before I start talking about them. I don’t trust very easily and people do have a tendency to judge sometimes, especially when they don’t know much about what you are describing to them.

ONE DAY AT A TIME. I have resolved to take this relationship as a new opportunity for happiness. Talking about it and the things that are worrying me helps. I know that many of you have probably been in this situation. I am promising myself that I will approach this with a tempered mind, not too fast, not too slow, just letting nature take its course. The plan at this point is to wait until we get married lol! :-) I joke... I'm never getting married again – lol! ;-)

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