A hand holds up a vial of peppermint oil, another hand holds up a bottle of probiotics, and in between a person is massaging their stomach.

3 Natural Ways to Alleviate Constipation

If you suffer from IBS-C, it is no secret that having a proper bowel movement can seem like an impossible task. The bloating, painful gas, cramping, and overall pain are just some of the symptoms that come along with chronic constipation. Not being able to move your bowels regularly is so frustrating and can lead to serious complications.

Throughout my IBS journey, I have suffered from both IBS-D and IBS-C so I know how awful both can be. However, when I was first diagnosed, I dealt with years of IBS-C under my belt, and with time I figured out ways to relieve constipation.

Typically, most people tend to reach for the laxatives, and for me, that was a total mistake, but I didn’t know of any other option. Personally, laxatives just made things worse. It increased my bloating and made me extra gassy. It also increased my discomfort around my abdomen and eventually led me to experience painful cramping. Every now and then they would help alleviate the issue but for the most part, laxatives made things way worse.

So what are some natural remedies one can do to alleviate constipation? Here are some options:

Peppermint essential oil

This is my life-saver. I have peppermint oil in my bathroom and purse at all times. It is amazing at alleviating constipation and really helps to get your bowels moving. Also, it helps with bloating and getting rid of that painful trapped gas.

How do I use it? I just apply 2-3 drops on my abdomen and then wait for things to get moving. I typically get results in just a couple of minutes. It is absolutely amazing and I use this method practically every day. It also helps with nausea.

Now an important note to consider is that not all essential oils are made equally. I use high quality and might I add, expensive, peppermint oil that is meant to be applied topically. Not all oils can be applied this way so make sure you do your research.


It wasn’t until I began seeing a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in addition to my Gastroenterologist, that I was introduced to probiotics. I had no clue what it was until I was educated by my NMD. Probiotics help tremendously with keeping your bowels regular. I take them daily and once I got on this regimen I started having regular bowel movements and rarely dealt with constipation anymore. It was amazing.

Of course, not all probiotics are made with the same strain of bacteria. You have to sort of go through a trial and error phase and find the brand that works for you. But trust me, it’s worth it. I highly recommend taking a probiotic daily to help relieve you of constipation.

Abdomen massage

Last but not least, have you ever tried giving yourself an abdomen massage? Oh yes, if you go on YouTube and search the keywords: constipation and massage, you will find how to do so. Let me tell you, this really works! And it is so easy as you can do it yourself. It basically consists of massaging your abdomen, following the path of your colon to help move things along.

Whenever things are backed up, I do this as well and it has never failed me! What other natural remedies do you do to help with constipation? Share below, we love to hear from you!

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