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I Used To Be Envious of People With IBS-C, Until I Got It Myself

To be honest, it does seem a little bit strange to be jealous of someone else who suffers from the difficulty of IBS. I really don’t think IBS should be a competition about who has it worse or who’s struggling more. Each of us has to deal with our battles on a daily basis. No matter how bad or how much we suffer from this condition, the fact anyone has to suffer with it is a struggle in itself.

I suffer mainly with IBS-D and at its worst, I’ve had to take A LOT of Imodium to see me through. The constant worry of wondering if you’re going to get from A to B without a bathroom stop. Or even the worry if you’re going to make it to the bathroom in time really is so anxiety-inducing. When the anxiety hits, for me, the IBS escalates and I get stuck in a vicious cycle.

When my IBS-D turned into IBS-C

Because I’m a bit of an open book with my health, I’ve come across quite a few people who suffer from IBS. I always get that feeling of excitement when I find out that we have something in common until I get to know they have IBS-C. I’ve always wondered if they REALLY know what it’s like to suffer so badly? I’ve looked at them in envy and have thought that they’re able to carry on their day without a worry. They’re probably not eyeing up every bathroom where ever they are. That is until the day I suffered from IBS-C myself. Oh, how wrong I was!

To be honest, I thought I’d never see the day. I had suffered from IBS-D for so many years, this was just the norm for me. Then one day I got IBS-C. I don’t really know why or how it, happened but it did. The first day it happened, I felt a sense of relief that I wasn’t desperate for the toilet. But I did find that I spent the whole day wondering when I would need to go. I then had the worry that the ‘need to go’ would come at the most inconvenient time. I learnt that people with IBS-C, do spend their day wondering where the bathrooms are!

In the days following, I felt so uncomfortable, lost my appetite, I was so swollen, gassy and I felt like there was a bowling ball stuck in my stomach. I kept wondering when I would be able to go to the bathroom. I worried so much that the urgency would hit while travelling or when I least expected it. My mood was so low and I was constantly thinking about getting some relief.

Relief from IBS-C...sort of

When the day came that I did eventually go to the bathroom – I think I spent most of the day in there and it was pretty uncomfortable!

I’ve learned that no matter what type of IBS you have or how mild/severe it is, all of it is a struggle. I’ve also realized that the only people I’m jealous of are people who have normal bowel movements on a daily basis!

Have you ever felt envy towards another IBS sufferer or is this just me? Have you experienced both types of IBS?

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