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Community Conversations: Sex, Relationships, and IBS

Last updated: July 2019

We know that romantic relationships and intimacy have a very real impact on emotional health. Share your story in our easy and anonymous polls, and raise your voice about what you want more of in the IBS community!

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Which best describes you?

Chronic illness can affect one's sense of intimacy and/or sex life. Is this the case for you?

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How has IBS affected your sex life?

For some, IBS can seriously take a toll on one's self confidence.

Community Poll

How has IBS affected your self-confidence?

Has your view on intimacy, relationships, or sex changed?

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Has IBS changed the way you think about sex and intimacy?

Relationships are difficult to manage as is, never mind adding a chronic illness.

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Has IBS affected your ability to start or maintain romantic relationships?

Thanks for sharing with us!


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