A Comfy Clothes Revolution!


"Me In jeans: a bloated fashion disaster"

Whoever said that jeans were comfortable is simply cray – that’s right, I said ‘cray.’ The emotions I feel when people say that jeans are comfy makes me channel annoying millennial abbreviations! Furthermore, until yoga pants and leggings are considered acceptable sartorial choices for public spaces, I call discrimination!

Okay, rant over.

Listen, like many of you I suffer from constant, uncomfortable, annoying bloating. This is often accompanied by the fun feeling of cramping and abdominal sensitivity. Alas, the general vicinity of my waistline is usually off limits to constricting, tight material. Therefore, when people say jeans are comfortable, I question their sanity. Jeans, even the ‘stretchy’ kind, are often very constricting and cause major discomfort – especially if they are high-waisted. As a chubby gal, I love the idea of high-waisted pants – they cover all the nasty little things that I would like concealed; however, when the cramping, bloating, and sensitivity emerges suggesting a high waistline is simply in bad taste.


"Me in leggings: a comfortable fashion goddess"

So, I am suggesting a comfy clothes revolution! When our family members, friends, or employers tell us that leggings or yoga pants – or really any stretchy, cotton material – is not ‘business casual’ enough, revolt! Show them that with the right shirt and some brilliant accessories you can make any comfortable sartorial choice look ready for the red-carpet. After all, when we feel comfortable, we feel beautiful.

We must remember that being comfortable does not mean 'frumpy.' Being comfortable does not imply a lack of style. Being comfortable does not mean that we don't care – it simply means that we need to make sartorial choices for our health, our well being, and our sanity! Most importantly, those who do not suffer from IBS need to understand these sartorial choices as well. Wearing cotton, spandex or any form of comfortable material to work or an outing does not mean that we don't care or are lazy. We are making choices that directly affect our happiness and physical well being. So, until you realize this, please don't judge. Please don't hide your disdain under annoying compliments, like, 'I wish I could wear something like that,' or 'you look so comfy, I wish I looked good in sweats.' We will want to hit you. Just saying.

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