Coffee, Tea, And My Sanity

I’m sure there are several of you with IBS that can drink coffee. I also know that perhaps more of you (and me) can not. On this site, one of the best things here is that if we look hard enough, we will find someone that struggles with exactly the same trouble we do. And I don’t just mean IBS in general. I mean specific very things.

Impulse control

In this case, I’m talking about the idea that you KNOW you shouldn’t or can’t eat or drink something, but you end up doing it anyway for any number of reasons. In my case, it’s impulse control. I gave up drinking alcohol for a variety of reasons almost 15 years ago. Coffee was my substitute, my savior until I started having IBS-related problems. Then, most people said, "Sorry, Todd, you’re going to have to let that go, too." Well, that just didn’t seem fair to me. I guess we all know, that there is an awful lot about IBS that doesn't exactly seem FAIR.

I switched to tea

So, I switched to tea. So much tea discussion with the IBS. Everyone’s got this tea and that that they swear by. I like tea, don’t get me wrong. So I wasn’t too upset about my predicament. I just thought I would continue drinking pure green tea and Oolong black tea and everything would be cool. NO...not cool. At least for me. I was pretty sure by this point that it was the caffeine and not the type of tea so much. You would have thought I would have tried decaf coffee at that point.

And then I went to Starbucks with a friend

I am old-school and stubborn and if I couldn’t have my highly caffeinated cup of Starbucks, I didn’t want anything. Silly, I know. Childish, I admit. :-) Soo...I settled in with the several decaffeinated herbal teas that had been suggested and that was suitable for a time. ...Until I went into Starbucks with a friend one day.

Now, I cheat all the time with my IBS diet. I usually pay for it, but I weigh my options ahead of time. While I was not going to order coffee that day, I was going to have some caffeinated green tea. BUT THE COFFEE SMELLED SO GOOD. I had to do it. Well, this turned into a chain of events, where I HAD TO DO IT, more and more often. This was not good for my health and my flare-ups became noticeably more frequent.

Getting back on track

I have been doing better and have returned to the land of honey and herbal tea. I will say that I have let go of my pride and have had pretty good luck with a couple of different decaffeinated coffees. And they don’t taste nearly as bad as a was thinking. We all have those things that we just can’t seem to stay away from. For many of us, it’s coffee. I thought by sharing, perhaps someone might realize they weren’t the only one having a love affair with coffee. LOL! :-)

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