A woman closes her eyes and rests her head on a tray table that is placed in front of her while she sits on the toilet in a bathroom.

Bathroom Life-Hack for IBS Flares

I don’t know about you, but when I am in a severe IBS flare, I can be in the bathroom for hours on end. Literally more than half of the day in the washroom and for hours at a time. It is not shocking for me to be on the toilet for 2-3 hours at once only to get up for 20 minutes and go back for another hour or two. Talk about exhausting.

Because of the constant, for lack of a better word, work involved with a flare; fatigue from sitting up for so long can hit hard. My back starts to hurt. I get cranky because all I want to do is lay down and rest in peace. And I am typically tired from being in the restroom all night that all I want to do is just shut my eyes for just one second. Oh, this IBS thing is hard to deal with!

My boyfriend had a brilliant idea

Well, it wasn’t until a couple of years of dealing with this agony that my brilliant boyfriend came up with a little hack for me. And I will forever be in his debt because it was a total game-changer.

Okay, well typically after an hour on the toilet, your body just aches all over. Don’t you just want to be able to lay your head somewhere comfortable? Well, you can! Enter the folding TV tray! Yes, you know that little table you use to eat in front of the TV? The kind that folds up and can lean against the wall? This is your saving grace.

Get yourself one of those tables and place it in front of you while you are on the John. You can even put a pillow on top to make it more comfortable. Now you have a place to lay your head and torso to rest, while you are experiencing your agonizing flare. It’s the same idea as when you were in middle school and would lay your head on your desk while seated.

My favorite IBS life hack

Man, has this little hack saved me! It offers you a place to rest and give your back a break from sitting up constantly. There was a time where I even fell asleep for a moment before the next wave of agony spurred up. I was so thankful that I had this trick to rely on. Now when things are severe, I don’t go through a flare without using this tool for help.

You can purchase one of these TV tables on Amazon, or at your local Target, Walmart, or any other big box stores. They are not expensive at all, and they will offer you so much relief! I highly recommend using this trick the next time you are experiencing a bad flare. Take it from me, you won’t go back to the days without this little hack.

How about you? Do you have any life-hacks that help you out while going through an IBS flare? We would love to hear your suggestions. Comment below!

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