A frustrated-looking woman pounds her fist on a table as she wails in agony. Behind her looms a peach emoji that resembles a rear end, and several nefarious, evilly smiling wispy blobs.

IBS is a Huge Pain in My You Know What

IBS is a huge pain in my you know what, both literally and figuratively. Because this condition puts me in the bathroom so frequently, I get hemorrhoids quite often – hence, the literal pain in my anus. TMI, I know! But I had to just come out and say that because it’s something that is a reality for me and many others with the syndrome as well. It comes with the territory and I can’t help that it happens to me. Thus, I find myself constantly annoyed and in pain by my IBS for this and so many other reasons.

Annoying IBS strikes again!

It’s on days like this that I especially find my IBS to be an extreme literal pain in my behind. A few days ago, my wife made chili for dinner and I’ve been suffering ever since. I know, chili and IBS don’t typically mix well, but at the time I didn’t care because it tasted so good! On top of that, my wife specifically made it less spicy so that I could avoid having a major flare-up. But now I regret eating it, and can’t even look at chili anymore because I have been non-stop going to the toilet and it feels like my anus is literally screaming in agony, “Help me!” It hurts so bad every time I sit down, and wince at the thought of having to use the bathroom yet again.

I’m really upset that this happened because not only did IBS give me a literal pain in my butt, but it also ruined one of my favorite dishes of all time. Leave it up to IBS to sabotage your day and your appetite all at once! I’m so exhausted from all the bowel movements I’ve had today, that I feel like I can barely move. Anyone else with IBS feels extremely fatigued after BMs?

IBS interrupts at the worst time

Another way that IBS becomes a nuisance is by interrupting me every time I try to be productive. Can you imagine trying to get work done but then you keep getting interrupted by a painful cramp or a loud disruptive gurgle in your stomach? Those sensations clearly indicate that you have to run to the restroom, but you literally just sat down and started working five minutes ago! How can anyone complete any important tasks in a timely manner when you can’t even focus for long without IBS reminding you it’s there?

This is only a minor scenario where IBS can bother me at an inconvenient time, and there are so many other moments where it gets worse. IBS can also disrupt a person’s love life, sex life, social life, career - you name it, and it's possible. This is one of the many reasons why I want to raise and spread awareness about irritable bowel syndrome – to stress how much it can negatively impact a person’s quality of life.

Still not used to the pain of IBS

So, IBS has been a literal and figurative pain in my behind for years. You would think I would be used to the phases when my IBS acts up so bad, but it hits me like a ton of bricks every time. Times like this tend to leave me in a depressive state, and my self-esteem gets cut in half or almost diminished completely. I am reminded about my shortcomings and then I dwell in the misery until it starts to affect other areas of my life. It takes a lot of discipline to even recognize it when it happens, but even more when it comes down to doing something about it. And although it’s never easy dealing with IBS being a huge pain in my you know where I at least am better equipped with knowledge and tenacity to get through these miserable times a little better than before. I just take it one day at a time.

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