IBS-C and Acupressure

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about living with a chronic illness for nearly 25 years: eventually, you learn to accept a “new normal,” and, if you’re going to make it through life, you adopt a sense of humor.

I’ve also learned to hold out a bit of hope for a simple, why-didn’t-I-think-of-it remedy for IBS-C. Sometimes I’m thrilled. Other times, disappointment is an understatement.

Take the Squatty Potty, for example. I’ve been using it for 5 years now. Admittedly, I’m still constipated, but rather than being absolutely miserable 7 days a week, I’ve been able to bring that number down to an average of 5 days. I can’t give the Squatty Potty all the credit – most of the success I’ve experienced requires a constant effort of strict adherence to diet and exercise modifications, along with regular practice of stress-relieving techniques. But to be able to say my belly can be comfortable 2 days a week? That’s incredible progress, at least for me.

Acupressure for IBS constipation

So, when I stumbled upon an article titled the “Magical Poop Button” on Pinterest, I was both skeptical AND a tiny bit hopeful. The catchy headline drew me in as I learned a bit more about an acupressure point that’s located three finger widths below the belly button.

Supposedly, this location on the body serves as the motherboard for the digestive system, sex organs, and colon. And pushing firmly on this spot has apparently worked to resolve everything from period cramps and constipation to hernias and impotence in men.

The Magical “Poop Button”

Apparently, this acupressure technique is an ancient remedy that has been around for hundreds of years. But one blogger mom made it famous when she renamed it the “Poop Button” and tried the trick on her little boy when he was backed up.

According to the mom, the remedy worked within seconds on her little boy, and it’s an easy solution for people with all types of digestive problems. Perhaps it can work for anyone who is constipated – even those who struggle with the chronic type.

I had to try it myself last weekend, and you can, too. My results were mixed – I definitely didn’t go in 30 seconds, and if I’m being honest, I’m envious of that little boy. I actually didn’t notice any differences for nearly 24 hours. But I was a happy camper the next day.

Whether or not I can attribute my success to activating my poop spot is anyone’s guess. But maybe it’s worth a try for you.

Here’s how to activate your "poop spot:"

  1. The location is exactly three finger widths below your navel.
  2. Using gradual pressure with the fingertips, press no more than 1 inch deep.
  3. Close your eyes, maintain firm pressure, and focus on taking deep breaths.
  4. Maintain firm pressure for 30 seconds as you breathe normally, keeping your eyes closed.
  5. If you feel any pain, back off, then try again, gently increasing the pressure while taking longer, slower breaths.

According to the blogger mom, if you live with chronic constipation, this little exercise can take a few activation sessions before it starts working. If what she shared is true, I’d say my next-day results count as a success.

Have you tried this acupressure technique? I’m curious to learn whether it works for you, too.

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