2016 Year in Review

2016: A Year in Review

In honor of 2016, we wanted to highlight what you had to say about some of the top symptom challenges, treatment concerns, and quality of life issues. As you probably know, every week we create a poll to hear back from the people who matter most in the IrritableBowelSyndrome.net community - YOU! With 2016 almost behind us, we thought it would be fun to share highlights about how you feel about life with IBS, symptoms of IBS, IBS triggers and, management and treatment options. Out of all of the polls taken throughout 2016, here are some of the most popular (and interesting!):

Living with IBS

Living with IBS is not easy, especially because, IBS usually isn't the only condition you're having to manage. Out of all of the polls, these two seemed to resonate the most with the community:

If you're in need of more information about living with IBS and other chronic conditions associated with it, you might find these articles helpful:

Symptoms of IBS

People living with IBS can experience many symptoms, but some can be more intolerable and upsetting than others. Some are lucky to only experience a mild form of the common symptoms, while others seem to suffer severely from every single one. When it comes to symptoms of IBS, a particularly common one experienced by many was stomach pain. Here's what you told us:

Which has been the most difficult symptom to manage? Or, what symptom has improved the most for you over the course of 2016? See what others in the community are saying about their symptoms.

IBS Triggers

IBS sufferers have different IBS triggers. What adds to the frustration is that the same triggers may not make IBS symptoms, like pain, diarrhea and constipation, flare up each time. That's why people find it very difficult to identify their triggers. Here's what you told us about identifying your food triggers:

If you're in need of more information about IBS triggers, you might find these articles helpful:

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Treatments for IBS

When finding treatment options for IBS, the common saying is that "What works for one person may not work for another." Medications can be expensive and not very effective, so many, in their quest to find some relief from symptoms, try all sorts of different approaches, including natural treatment options:

Looking for more information on treatment options? These articles will help:

Treating SIBO
Medical Marijuana as Treatment for IBS
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Self-Care Tips For When IBS Symptoms Flare Up
Managing IBS: Its More Complicated Than You Think  

Looking Forward to 2017

Having IBS can make you feel isolated. But try to remember that you are not "alone." There are others out there, like you, who are battling IBS every day. So, whether 2016 was a good or bad year, the community is here for you every single day of the year - through all of the ups and downs. Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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