Beyond the Bathroom: The Impact of IBS on Quality of Life

Beyond the Bathroom: The Impact of IBS on Quality of Life

We conducted a large survey of people who have IBS and asked many questions about what it's like living with an illness that is difficult to diagnose, extremely complicated to manage and has a negative impact on quality of life.


IBS isn't the only condition to manage

As if IBS wasn't difficult enough to manage and live with, most people also have to cope with many other health conditions and complications.



The effects of IBS on other aspects of life

Most people perceive their IBS to be moderate (53 percent) or severe (43 percent), and majority of people (79 percent) experience a whole host of IBS symptoms at least once a week. As a result, IBS is not a condition that's just restricted to the bathroom and some stomach cramps. Its negative impact spans far and wide and has a profound effect on people's quality of life.



The IBS In America 2018 online survey gathered insights from 1,584 individuals currently suffering from IBS to better understand their symptoms and management of this condition, as well as the impact on their lives.

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