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HELP!!! I have Ulcers&IBS&Functional Dyspepsia and hurt EVERY time I eat😖😢😢😖

I am beyond exhausted and frustrated with trying to find foods that I can eat.
I have researched low FODMAP diet and diet for peptic ulcers and colon ulcers.
It seems impossible to figure out if there is actually anything that won't cause all these side effects.
Have any of you had both at the same time?
If so, what did you eat?

  1. Hi im new here, ive tried every food but still the same.

    1. how frustrating! Have you checked in with your doctor or a dietitian/nutritionist for ideas or help navigating possibilities? Thinking of you. Best, Margot, Team

      1. Thanks Margo. I am waiting for my dr to refer me to a registered dietitian. I just pray that he will!!! But in a positive note, I am now able to eat 17 different foods and tolerate them🤗🤗🤗
        My pain and spasms are very slowly getting better and my hope has begun to come back.
        Thank you so much for responding!!

    2. Try finding a neuro-gastroenterologist. Their supposition is that IBS not caused by cancer, infection, obstruction, etc. is caused by the brain MIS-communicating with the intestines. It doesn't matter what you eat if your brain is telling your gut to attack it rather than digest it! If the intestines draw in too much water, you have IBS-D. If there's too little water then IBS-C. And yes, you can switch between the two!
      They use a type of bio-feedback to help you learn to consciously manage the mis-information.

      1. Thank you for this information!! I am witing for my dr to refer me to a registered dietitian and have increased my tolerable food list from 8 to 17 now. Things are extremely slowly getting better and my hope is coming back with it!
        Thank you so much for posting!

    3. Have you tried the low fodmap diet - works pretty well for me so far.

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