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Not sure if this subject is on this site somewhere as still getting I have had IBS D for many years... I think radiation to pelvis in 1985 started it but doctor said that has healed. Anyway, my daughter is wondering about having my bowl removed and using a colostomy that an option as now daily diarrhea and frequent stomach pains regardless of what I eat.

  1. Hi - I thought you might appreciate this article from our sister site, These types of surgeries are treatments of IBD. I hope this helps provide some information for you. Take care! - Chris, Team

    1. Thanks, 😀 We do have an article ( that briefly talks about the vagus nerve, but not in relation to IBS-D. Hopefully we can address that in a future article! - Chris, Team

    2. ...thanks

  2. Oh Chris just read article re Ostomies... very clear and concise. I hadn’t realized there were various types... and I must admit I felt sadness for those who need these operations.... that is a lot to go through. I will also pass this info. to family.... as the procedure, use and care of the various Ostomies is not a simple or pleasant thing to go through as many people think, and my heart goes out to those having to make this choice.

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