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11 hour road trip, help please!

Hello, I’m a 15 year old sophomore girl diagnosed with IBS-C. I’m going on an 11 hour road trip on a bus where we are not allowed to poop in the restroom provided, on the way there we stop once, on the way back we don’t stop. Any tips on how to avoid needing to go? I’m really stressed out about it,(which as you probably know, makes the situation worse) so any tips to help me stop stressing would be greatly appreciated.

  1. The most effective cure for ibs is self trust. Believe in yourself. When you feel any sort of discomfort try to take long breathes. That will work.

    1. If you had IBS-D, I would probably suggest taking an Imodium before leaving, but with IBS-C that might be a bad idea...
      In any case, eating only very safe foods before and on travel days always helps me. You could bring safe snacks and avoid eating too much during the 11 hours.
      Do you have any medication or remedies that you could take with you on the bus?
      Also, could you maybe talk to the teachers who will be accompanying you on this trip to see if they could add additional stops if needed?
      -Karina (team member)

      1. This will sound strange, but you might consider taking either Imodium or Saccharomyces boulardii prior to the trip. One or two pills will ensure you don't go for at least a couple of days. I used to do this when I had IBS-D and IBS-M. I took Saccharomyces boulardii, NOW brand. It is a yeast probiotic and purports to be good for gut health in addition to treating diarrhea. It was used for decades to treat pediatric diarrhea and traveler's diarrhea. NOW brand is also very inexpensive compared to Florastor. (approx. 10 USD compared to 40 USD)

        Also, as Karina suggested, it would be great to ask your teachers for a reasonable accommodation for your condition. If you tell them there is a possibility of you having an accident on the bus, they should seriously consider stopping for a bathroom break on the way back home.

        Here's hoping the plan you develop for your trip gives you some peace of mind. Big hugs, Kim, moderator

        1. Thank you for you input, I will definetly try to eat safer before the trip, and take some preventive medicine. Thank you so much!!

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